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The Eternal Indecision

As I watch the silent sky,
the stars passing by

in their nightly voyage
to the end of the universe,
to the end of time
to infinity
I wonder to myself and ask the questions of life
The questions that have been asked over and over again
The questions that are always taken to the grave
The questions no one has an answer for

The dance of light,
The dance of dark
Reflect upon my mind as the clouds part
And upon my worried brow
the pale and fragile moonlight strikes
the strong but trembling thought

The audible silence vibrates through my body,
through my self
and through my spirit
For I have listened and heard
but forgotten the sound
The sound of laughter
the sound of light footsteps passing by
The sound of life
I am a creature of the silence
Of the stillness of the mind
Eternal, unchanging, constant and fixed

But as the stars pass by,
I remember who I once was
Vague whiffs of a life gone by
settle like waterlogged mist
into the framework of my thoughts
Saturating them, filling them to the brim
But they never overflow,

It’s the constant rhythm I have known for so long
Yet I fail
I fail to discern the truth
In life
in death
in love
I fail as I have perennially failed
over and over again
in this very simple task
Of deciding
for one’s very own life.

inviata da: Chaotic Brilliance, lunedì 23 settembre 2002




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